‘Man is born to live, not to prepare for life.” – Boris Pasternack

In order to wake up from an unsatisfying life, you must do what is best for you. “I regret nothing” is what Miranda Carroll in Station Eleven repeats to herself on a daily basis, after finally leaving Arthur and facing the world on her own. Though terrified at first, eleven years later Miranda is head of a shipping business, over-tipping and travelling the world. She took charge, took a leap for herself and reaped all the benefits that the decision had to offer. You are no different. Your “I regret” list should be short or non-existent, because though you may be alive, if you are regretting there is no way you are living.

Filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg created this inspirational video that was presented at a TED conference. The video is six minutes, but you will discover that it is possible to have your outlook on life changed completely in that short amount of time. It exudes motivation, with quotes such as, “You think this is just another day in your life. It’s not just another day. It’s the one day that is given to you today. It’s given to you. It’s a gift.”

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Life is a gift and too many people drag it through the mud and leave it to collect dust on shelves of regret. “What if” situations become ghosts that follow you around relentlessly. The most important thing when it comes to taking charge of your life is to not let fear stop you. Chances need to be taken in order to learn, and though that may be scary, it is also essential. Dream big, dare bigger. Love every minute of your life because you are doing exactly what you want to.

It’s important to feel fulfilled. Asking yourself questions periodically, like “am I enjoying myself” or “why am I doing this” force you to stop and analyze your process so far. Think about who you’re doing what for, and whether looking back you would understand the action’s purpose. There’s no point in trying to trick yourself into believing in what you are doing, because the only person you’re fooling is yourself. And as a result the only person you’re hurting is yourself. Be open to new experiences and taking risks, but always make sure that you are the pilot of your experiences.

Life doesn’t just happen. It’s moments made up of laughter and tears and dancing and running and being exactly where you need to be for you. You have one chance at this crazy rollercoaster that is living and it is essential that it doesn’t go to waste. Don’t take any moment for granted, and learn to appreciate even the stillest of silences. It’s important not to sleepwalk, because the longer that you do, the harder it becomes to wake up.

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There are only two days in your life that are not 24 hours. You need to ask yourself, every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to sleep, “Am I regretting nothing? Am I living?”.

Station Eleven is a novel all about the power of perseverance and the strength of the human will. The following is a link to the author, Emily St. John Mandel’s website, because I personally have a whole new outlook on life – one that has changed the way I look at my own:

Station Eleven demonstrates that even in the toughest of scenarios, humanity is beautiful and pure, and life is meant to be lived to the fullest.

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“So many things become beautiful when you really look.” –Lauren Oliver

With the way our world works nowadays, with our eyes either closed, glued to screens, or rolling at others, it becomes hard to truly take in your surroundings. We’re bombarded by needing this or being late to buy that and with commercialism spinning the earth around its finger we lose sight of what’s important. Rudy Francisco delivers an empowering speech that is linked below about appreciating the life that we have, saying “You are still alive. You are still alive. Act like it.”

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A key factor in waking up from sleepwalking is to appreciate. Be thankful for all that you have, from the people to the experiences to the opportunities. When we are negative and go day to day pining over what we don’t have, we focus all our energy there. When in turn, we could be directing it to more important aspects of our life such as relationships and activities.

The end of the world is a pretty drastic measure, but in Station Eleven The Symphony doesn’t let that stop them. They understand that though they may have borderline nothing, they still have each other and they still have what they love. Focusing on that the group travels to share that positivity and passion with anyone they can reach, and as a result are happier themselves. By making the most of their situation the Symphony is alive and well, despite the fact that the world may not be itself.

What is typically most difficult is finding those things to be thankful for. We compare our lives to others which detracts from the love we can feel about all that we do have. It is essential to make the best of the situation you are in, because when that is done it will be the only position you will want to be in.

It doesn’t have to be big. Upon realizing the sad state of our world, Neil Pasricha discovered the importance of acknowledge the little things in life and created the website 1000 Awesome things. The positivity and love the website promoted turned into over five books for Pasricha, and a whole lot of appreciation going around.


I’m going to leave the link to here because I recommend the book because I like to read one entry daily. From #249: Putting a slice of lasagna on a plate and having it all stay together to #28: Popping bubble wrap to #275: Sundays – this website makes you thankful for all the awesome that life has to offer.

I’m also going to include a link from the blog Becoming A Minimalist: . These are rules to live by when it comes to making each day of your own life special. We may live different lives, but as the author of the blog, Joshua Becker, says, “Today is among the greatest gifts we have ever been given.”

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The secret to life has been discovered on countless occasions – travel, give away your favourite possessions, eat only greens. The next one to come along was always more ridiculous than the first. But since happiness in life is something that every human wishes for, they’re willing to do anything and everything in order to obtain it. But the real secret is so simple and it all starts with you – you need to be positive.

Let’s talk physics. Don’t worry, we’ll start simple: the law of attraction. This law states, in the simplest of terms, that whatever you give you will receive back. Think Justin Timberlake when he sang What Goes Around. Or if you want it in more scientific terms, the quote by Isaac Newton: “to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Your life is made up of two driving forces – positivity and negativity. Whatever you give out to the people around you, is what you will in turn receive.


You deserve to be happy and in order to do so it begins with how you think. Choosing to be positive and sharing that positivity with the world means that you will attract good things in return. Focusing on the negativity in your life will only lead to an accumulation of more of it.

Think about it. When you are upset, you have a storm surrounding you. This cloud of negativity follows you around and rains on those you come in contact with. The universe is absorbing the negative energy surrounding you and then hurling it back in your direction. People usually don’t want to be around you, and for every little thing that happens you find yourself wailing “why me” with an arm tossed across your eyes. But that’s not the way it has to be.

Elizabeth is a perfect example in Station Eleven. Despite the fact that the world was literally crumbling around her, she was unshakable in her positive attitude. Though some may argue it was delusion, Elizabeth’s belief that “Everything happens for a reason” is what kept her alive and hopeful while at the airport. Others were driving themselves insane, drowning in self-pity and negative thoughts, while Elizabeth chose to have faith in her positivity and the power of the universe, thus allowing her to handle a difficult situation. It is so important to maintain positive thinking regardless of what life may throw at us.

Positive Thoughts on typepad is a blog that is compiled of positive and inspirational texts from people all over the world. There are paragraphs, quotes, poems and everything else, providing a community of people working towards a happier life. Access the website here:

ThinkPositive30 is a blog that provides a positive thought daily. I believe that the best way to get into the proper mindset for the day is to read one every morning. You will find yourself inspired and encouraged to share positivity throughout your day to day life. The following is the link:

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